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PRI-RS heavy fuel oil treatment is proven more effective than conventional additive systems. Power plant applications confirm the exceptional capability of PRI-RS to reduce smoke opacity, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The chemistry also dramatically prevents vanadate deposits on boiler tubes.

PRI-D treatment for distillate fuels is unsurpassed for use in frame turbines and four-stroke engines. PRI-D prevents carbonaceous deposits. Unburned hydro carbon and visible particulate emissions are significantly reduced, especially during load changes.

PRI-D addresses lubricity. It contains the most advanced lubricity additive package available, reducing injector pump wear from 20-to-50 percent. PRI-D keeps fuel fresh. As a fuel stability chemistry, it is unmatched. PRI-D maintains fuel freshness for quick start-ups when they are most needed. Fuels degraded by years of storage and neglect can be restored by PRI-D.

For more information regarding the proven technical capabilities of PRI products in the power generation industries, contact PRI's technical department today.

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