Our advanced additive technologies are designed specifically to help consumers solve their fuel related operational and storage issues.

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Power Research Inc. (PRI)
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Research & Technology

Power Research Inc. is a manufacturing and research corporation dedicated to the development of the most effective chemical technologies possible. Our focus is to provide solutions for the ever changing challenges of modern petroleum fuels.

Our clients are assured of quality products unequaled worldwide. We have subjected our innovative fuel treatment technologies to a gamut of rigorous, independent tests. Under industry-standard testing protocols, PRI enhancement solutions have proven to be in an elevated class of their own

*PRI testing includes: 

  • Engine manufacturer testing
  • Shipboard emissions monitoring
  • Stationery engine emissions and performance evaluations
  • Extensive laboratory analysis under ASTM protocols
  • Power plant emissions and performance verification

Independently acquired data taken under the most rigorous and accepted protocols, assures PRI clients optimum product performance and reliability.

*To comprehensively discuss PRI test data, contact our technical department. 

Technical Bulletins:

  • PRI-D & Carbon

  • PRI-D & Emissions

  • PRD-D & Fuel Efficiency

  • PRD-D & Fuel Filter

  • PRD-D & Fuel Lubricity

  • PRD-D & Fuel Stability

  • PRD-D & Smoke Opacity

  • PRD-G & Carbon Prevention

  • PRD-G & Emissions

  • PRD-G & Fuel Stability

  • PRD-G E-10 Testing Data

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HFO Sludge Control


MGO Lubricity


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