Our advanced additive technologies are designed specifically to help consumers solve their fuel related operational and storage issues.

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Fuel is the lifeblood of all ocean going vessels – the energy source behind the most powerful and advanced propulsion systems in the world today.

Yet even in the 21st century, marine fuel quality issues too often threaten to compromise the safety and operational integrity of the world’s great ships. No vessel can afford to lose power in rough seas when discharging volatile cargo – or when negotiating the capricious currents of inland waterways.

PRI has long recognized the criticality of fuel integrity and has invested decades of research in developing the most advanced fuel treatment solutions available in the world today. PRI thermal stability treatments for heavy marine fuels simply have no equal – the only such chemicals verified under the strict testing protocols of Marpol Annex VI.

Having pioneered lubricity treatment technology more than 30 years ago, PRI also offers the most advanced and effective lubricity and fuel storage treatments for low sulfur marine gas oil. PRI lubricity chemistry is synthetic – a major step up from the potentially hazardous mono-acid and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) products offered by many competitors.

Find out today why PRI is the choice of more than 200 of the world’s great shipping companies. Please call us for a fuel consultation.

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VLSFO/HFO Sludge Control


MGO/VLSFO Lubricity (Ester Based)


VLSFO/HFO Sludge, Thermal Stability & Deposit Control


VLSFO/HFO Sludge, Thermal Stability, Deposit & Emissions Control


MGO/VLSFO Stability & Lubricity


Cold Flow & Pour Point Suppressant


VLSFO/HFO Economical Fuel Quality/Sludge Control


MGO/VLSFO – Economical Lubricity


Ultra Premium VLSFO/HFO Treatment


Microbial Growth Control