Our advanced additive technologies are designed specifically to help consumers solve their fuel related operational and storage issues.

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Consumer Products

Retail Consumer Products

Retail consumers are faced with a dizzying array of fuel additive products, some well know, others obscure, most making extravagant promises based on deceptive pseudoscience claims. Only a very small number of these treatments offer any real benefit.

It is a different story in the industrial world. Few products survive. Engineering professionals subject fuel treatments to very heavy scrutiny. It is a world with few competitors, and Power Research Inc. is the undisputed leader.

Our vision at Power Research Inc. is to provide the consumer market with the same refinery grade chemistries used by our global industrial clients, and the realization of our efforts is PRI-D for diesel, and PRI-G for gasoline.

These products are formulated with the same powerful thermal stability chemistries enjoyed by massive ocean going vessels and oil-fired power plants. Now retail consumers can benefit from a premium level of power and strength in achieving top fuel performance.

Your engine will run cleaner, smoother, and with greater efficiency. Diesel users will be impressed with the great reduction in smoke and soot. All users will experience quick and reliable start-ups. Stored fuels remain fresh for years, and degraded fuels can be restored to freshness.

PRI-G for Small Engines is our compact version of PRI-G. It is conveniently packagedfor easy and effective application by users of small engines.

As a client of PRI consumer products, you will be participating in our PRI Green Fuel Program. PRI products provide proven reductions in carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulates.
When you use PRI chemistries, you conserve your money, you reduce your fuel consumption and you become a better citizen of planet Earth by helping keep our air cleaner.

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