Our advanced additive technologies are designed specifically to help consumers solve their fuel related operational and storage issues.

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Fuel Storage

PRI’s unique thermal stability chemistries, PRI-D for diesel fuel, and PRI-G for gasoline are industrial-grade. They were designed for refinery usage. PRI-D and PRI-G restore and preserve the most degraded fuels under the most challenging conditions.

PRI-OCIDE, our highly effective anti-microbial treatment, is the perfect companion to PRI-D for elimination and control of tank slime and sludge. Infested and degraded fuel is the primary cause of engine failure.

For these reasons, operators of power sources depend on PRI chemistries as insurance against fuel failure. Our clients include conventional and nuclear power plants, major internet service providers, telephone companies, hospitals, and vital emergency service providers. PRI ensures quick start-ups and smooth running during critical emergency situations.

Independent laboratories confirm that PRI has no equal in providing maximum industrial protection to fuel supplies.

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Industrial grade diesel treatment.


Complete Gasoline Treatment


For small engines.