Marine Performance

PRI-D for diesel fuel, including low sulfur diesel (ULSD), is a boater's best protection against start-up failures, plugged fuel filters, excessive smoke and soot, and damaged engines.

As the unmatched leader in marine fuel treatments, PRI-D:

  • Enhances ignition quality

  • Dramatically cuts diesel smoke and soot

  • Prevents damaging, power-robbing deposits in fuel systems.

  • Enhances lubricity for reduced injector pump wear

  • Keeps fuel fresh during long layup periods

  • Restores stale fuel to freshness

  • Keeps fuel systems and filters clean

  • Provides greater power, greater efficiency and greater reliability on the water.

PRI-G for gasoline, including E-10 blends, offers maximum protection and reliability.

As a proven enhancement to all gasoline used by marine engines, super concentrated PRI-G:

  • Improves ignition quality

  • Provides engine and fuel system deposits

  • Protects against E-10 phase separation

  • Provides long-term fuel storage capability

  • Restores most degraded fuels to freshness

PRI-OCIDE is our fast acting microbial chemistry. It is water soluble and is the perfect companion to our PRI-D for contamination control and fuel filter cleanliness.

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Industrial grade diesel treatment.


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For small engines.

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