Light Marine Fuels

PRI-D Lubricity/Stability distillate fuel treatment offers highly acclaimed protection and performance benefits. These provide marine fuel uses with unequaled safety, security and engine reliability.

PRI-D lubricity technology, when used at the optimum dosage rate of 1:2000, safely provides a superior level of lubricating quality to today's severely hydro-treated, low sulfur fuels, including 0.1% sulfur marine gas oil (MGO) and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD).

PRI-D thermal stability technology also restores the degraded thermal stability and ignition quality of these modern fuels, providing a barrier against the ravages of carbon deposits. Visible smoke, especially at reduced operating loads, is noticeably reduced.

PRI-D also works as a powerful storage stability agent  - keeping fuels fresh for months at a time while restoring old fuels to refinery freshness.

PRI-D is the solution to expensive fuel filtration problems. When used with PRI-OCIDE, our fast-kill algae control agent, PRI-D helps dissolve the dead slime and sludge to keep filters cleaner and in service longer.

Simply, no stronger chemistry exists in its class.

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