Houston-based Power Research Inc. was founded in 1985 to introduce a revolutionary new technology for enhancing fuel behavior – a proprietary chemistry verified under the strict testing protocols of the EPA and Marpol Annex VI. PRI concurrently developed a new synthetic-based lubricity additive technology for the first low sulfur diesel fuels being introduced in California at that time.

Today PRI thermal stability chemistries for heavy marine fuels, distillate fuels and gasoline are the choice of more than 200 commercial shipping companies and thousands of onshore facilities and individuals across the globe.

Our first clients, primarily mid-sized, industrial marine vessels, embraced PRI fuel treatments to improve operational reliability in the very challenging waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1992, PRI-RS heavy fuel oil chemistry made its debut demonstration on a California based container vessel, showing dramatic reductions in post combustion deposits. Later that year, on a second container ship, the value of PRI was again verified through a comprehensive emissions study following California Air Resources Board (CARB) protocols.

Then in 2007, PRI was tested by the engine maker Man Diesel at the Demark based emissions test facility under the stringent protocols of Marpol Annex VI. Yet again PRI treatment provided a marked improvement in combustion while reducing emissions.

Since that time, Power Research Inc. has continued to take a highly flexible and aggressive evolutionary approach in technological development. Our PRI innovative culture provides on-time solutions to the dramatic challenges of today's fuel oils and distillate fuels, addressing performance and emissions control. PRI also launched a consumer division in 1989 to offer the same industrial products to retail fuel users.

PRI products provide tangible benefits - a heightened level of vessel performance, and verifiable increases in fleet profitability. Through innovation and proactive leadership, Power Research Inc. is now recognized as the fuel solutions standard bearer for the international maritime industry.


If you are facing a challenge with your fuel, it is highly likely that we can help you overcome it!

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