Will PRI restore old stale fuel?

PRI is the industry leader at restoring old and stale fuels. PRI can bring back to life most gasoline and diesel fuels of the worst condition. PRI has been independent laboratory tested on 10-13 year old fuels, and has restored the fuel to usable condition.

Where can I purchase PRI?

To purchase PRI visit the Consumer Products page of our website. This page contains the dealer locator to help find a dealer near you, or you can purchase through an on-line Dealer.

Does PRI remove water?

PRI will absorb and emulsify small amounts of water in fuel. Larger amounts of water should be removed by a professional tank cleaning company, followed by treating the fuel with PRI. Water droplets in fuel during combustion can harm your engine?

What is the shelf life of PRI?

PRI has an indefinite shelf life when sealed but should be used within 3 years once it is opened. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

How long will PRI keep fuel fresh

PRI will keep fuel fresh for at least one full year after initial treatment Fuel can stay fresh for years to come with annual retreatment. PRI treated fuel has been known to remain fresh for extended periods of time, but annual inspection of the fuel is recommended.

Why does PRI change color and darken over time?

PRI will change color over time due to the effects of exposure to light and oxygen. This does not mean that PRI has lost its effectiveness at all.

Will PRI void my warranty?

PRI will not void your warranty. PRI complies with the fuel specifications of all engine manufacturers. PRI does not alter the specification of fuel in any harmful way. In fact, PRI improves fuel performance and lowers emissions.

What happens if I over treat with PRI?

Accidental over treatment with PRI is nothing to be concerned about. PRI is a petroleum based product and will not harm your engine or fuel delivery system with over treatment. Constant over treatment with PRI should be avoided. PRI should be used at the proper ration. It is not formulated as a substitute for fuel in your engine.

Does PRI work with other additives?

There is no harm in combining PRI and other additives. However, PRI cannot guarantee its effectiveness when it is combined with other additives. For effective, maximum result, us PRI alone in your fuel and at the proper ration.

How do I use PRI?

PRI should be dosed into your tank no more than 10 minutes prior to fueling. For the initial PRI treatment, administer enough PRI for the entire fuel tank capacity, followed immediately by completely filling the tank. The fueling process provides enough agitation to properly mix and activate PRI. For continued use, add the proper amount of PRI needed to treat the amount of fuel you are adding to your tank, and then fill your tank with fuel. You do not need to repeatedly treat the entire tank. Use PRI at every fueling for maximum product satisfaction.

Does PRI-D Increase the cetane of diesel fuel?

PRI-D will increase cetane rating by 1 to 2 points. PRI improves ignition quality of your fuel by improving combustion efficiency.

Does PRI-D work with Kerosene or Home Heating Oil?

PRI formulation is excellent for all mid-distillate fuel (Diesel #1, Diesel #2, Kerosene, Home Heating Oil, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Low and High Sulfur Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil, Marine Gas Oil).

Will PRI-D help with lost lubricity in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel?

Independent laboratory testing shows that PRI-D will substantially increase the lubricity of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel to meet, or exceed, the mandatory requirements of diesel engine manufacturers. PRI-D has successfully contained this industry-leading, refinery grade lubricity chemistry for more than 20 years.

"I accidentally poured PRI-D into my gas tank! Will this harm my gasoline?

Mixing PRI-D or PRI-G into the wrong fuel will not be harmful to your engine. It is recommended that the appropriate PRI formulation be used in your fuel for maximum effectiveness. The PRI formulations are fuel specific.

Is PRI-G for small engines different from regular PRI-G?

PRI-G for small engines is exactly the same as regular PRI-G. It was formulated with a different treatment ratio to make treating smaller tanks easier for you.

Does PRI-G contain alcohol?

PRI-G contains absolutely no alcohol.

Does PRI-G stop phase separation in E-10 gasoline?

Independent lab testing has shown that PRI-G will inhibit phase separation in E-10 gasoline up to a certain point. PRI suggests that larger amounts of water should be removed by a professional tank cleaning company and then have the fuel treated with PRI-G.

Does PRI-G boost Octane?

PRI-G is not an Octane booster. PRI-G will only increase Octane marginally. PRI-G will not increase combustion efficiency.

Can PRI-G be used in two-stroke engines?

PRI-G is completely safe and very effective for two-stroke engines PRI-G is extremely helpful in protecting your two-stroke engine for carburetor fouling.

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