PRI Products Onshore Industrial

Proven emissions reduction in oil-fired power plants and preservation of reserve distillate fuels in long term storage are but two of the many reasons why onshore facilities rely on PRI to meet mission critical fuel challenges.

The thermal stability technology of PRI-RS for heavy fuel permits reduction in excess air at oil-fired facilities, providing dramatic NOx reductions with no compromise in smoke opacity. And unlike conventional MagOx treatments which are incapable of fully preventing boiler tube deposits, PRI-RS leaves boiler tubes deposit-free, maximizing heat transfer rates.

For facilities maintaining reserves of distillate fuels, PRI-D will maintain fuel integrity for many years at a time. PRI-D has also been proven to restore degraded fuel to refinery freshness, eliminating the high cost of fuel disposal and replacement.

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Industrial diesel treatment for improved lubricity, deposit and emissions control, and long term storage stability.


For MGO Lubricity and Stability.


For control of microbial growth.

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